King Tides Sparks Wave of Interest

Thanks to Kaci Poor and the Times-Standard for featuring the impacts of the King Tides in Eureka and the California King Tides Project!

By kaci Poor/The Times-Standard

When a “king tide” hit the local coastline Thursday — an unusually high tide caused by solar and lunar gravitational pull — the result was submerged streets in King Salmon, flooded cow pastures and inundated shorelines on Indian Island.

National Weather Service spokesman Troy Nicolini said the lowest areas in King Salmon could be hit again today, with especially strong southerly winds pushing water onto the shore.

”The wind pushes water onto the coast, which exacerbates the astronomical tides,” he said.

About 15 local volunteers captured images of the high water event, said Humboldt Baykeeper Policy Director Jennifer Kalt, joining forces with federal, state and nonprofit agency volunteers who documented coastal areas across California flooded by high tides. The grassroots effort is called the King Tides Project Program, which began in the Bay Area in 2009 to help educate the public about the coastal shoreline and sea level rise.

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