Communicating Through Photography: Local Impacts of Rising Seas

ecoAffect published a post on their blog on the California King Tides Project on July 18th.

By hannah miller

A climate change engagement program along the California coast is using the arts to move residents on climate by asking them to photograph the highest tides of their region and share them online. The California King Tides Project, inspired by similiar projects in Florida, New York, and Australia and Canada as well, was started in 2010 as a project of federal and state agencies and nonprofits.

According to the King Tides website, “Our shores are constantly being altered by human and natural processes and projections indicate that sea level rise will exacerbate these changes. The images offer a living record of the changes to our coasts and shorelines and a glimpse of what our daily tides may look like in the future as a result of sea level rise.”

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