Science in the City Video

The San Francisco Exploratorium’s Science in the City video series features the California King Tides Project this month!

“With every seasonal change in the Bay Area (and the rest of the state), tides have a significant impact on our coastlines. Once winter arrives, storms from the Pacific are more common and when weather interacts with the new phase of the moon, “king tides” are often produced. With sea levels on the rise, crucial documentation can be made of these king tides to help further the research being done by scientists and policy makers. The California King Tides Project has set up a place online where anyone with a camera can help by sharing their photos and information about their communities and how king tides are affecting them. With infrastructures, homes, and natural habitats at stake, social networking this way can lead to better understanding on how fast our landscapes are changing and what we can do to prepare for the future.” Go to this link to learn more or watch the video below!