Our Coast, Our Future Documentary Project

Want to help us understand flood risks in the Bay Area?   Snap the king tides Jan 29 – 31, 2014

We’re partnering with USGS and the Our Coast, Our Future project to collect king tide photos from specific locations around the Bay Area.   The pictures you take will help scientists better understand which areas are most at risk of flooding and future sea level rise.  Researchers will compare your photos of the high tide against computer simulations of flooding to see how well these simulations match reality.  This is a fun, easy way for you to provide important information that will help future sea level rise adaptation planning efforts in the Bay Area.

It’s easy to participate:

  1. Select the pin location on the map below that’s nearest to you
  2. Snap your pictures, following the directions below
  3. Share your photos using this submission form

1.  Select

Browse the map to choose your spot to document.  Click the icon in the area that interests you to find out the time that you should take your pictures.

IF you’re having trouble seeing the map, click here to open in a new window.

2.  Snap

To contribute to the Our Coast, Our Future project, you just need to follow these easy directions:

  • Arrive at your chosen site a few minutes early.  Researchers can only use images that are taken within 45 minutes of the high tide peak, so the total window of time is 1.5 hours (45 minutes before the peak, and 45 minutes after the peak)
  • Switch on the GPS device in your phone or camera, so that your photo will include the longitude and latitude coordinates
  • Scout out the area to ensure safety
  • Snap a couple of shots. Try to iInclude landmarks or infrastructure (bridges, roads, sidewalks) so that we can understand the orientation and get some clues about the depth of the water
  • Take note of your orientation, the weather, and anything interesting that you see (there won’t be a test, but that information is helpful to us)

3.  Share

Upload your photos through this form, or send them to us in an email.

Important:  we can’t use your photos for this project unless you submit them through the form or in an email, so please make sure to do this before sharing elsewhere.

If you’d like, you could also share them with our Flickr Group or on our Facebook wall.