Share Your Pictures

There are lots of ways to share your images! You can:

Help with Flickr

How to upload your pictures to the California King Tides Flickr Group:
1. Create a flickr account (if you don’t already have one)
2. Join the Group by agreeing to the Group Rules.
3. Get out there and take some pictures of the King Tides!
  • Be careful during high water and/or stormy conditions and try not to disturb birds that may be farther up the shore than usual.
  • Make sure your camera has the correct date and time (so metadata is accurate)
  • Turn on the camera’s GPS if it has one (all King Tide Photos must be referenced to geographic locations)
4. Upload photos to your Flickr Photostream.
  • Add a description including the: date and time taken and geographic location. Including a city and beach name is very helpful.
  • Geotag your photos (its easy!): Geotagging just means clicking a map to show where you took your photo. Instructions on how to geotag in flickr can be found here.
  •  If possible, let us know which direction the camera was facing, whether the photo was taken at low or high tide, and what the tide height was above chart datum (e.g. 3.7 m).
  • Please tag your photos as appropriate. We suggest using:
    • “California King Tides Project” or “CA King Tides”
    •  “2017” or the year the photo was taken
    • The Region where the photo was taken: “Humboldt and North Bay”, “San Francisco Bay Area”, “Monterey Bay Area”, “Santa Barbara Area”, “Los Angeles County”, “Orange County”, or “San Diego County” (Tag more specific locations if you are able.)
    • Whether the Photo was taken during high or low tide.
Your tags enable other people to find your photo in our flickr pool using flickr’s search engine.


5. Add your King Tide photos to the Group.
  • When uploading, select the “Send to group” option.  A group administrator will approve it shortly.
6. Tune in to see your photo added to the Group.